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This page outlines some of the popular places and regions to dive. Please write to the webmaster with information of sites you like. Additional pages below this one give details on sites. As you can see, only some of the sites have actual links to pages. This is because we need folks to help out by providing writeups of their favorite sites. Please help expand the site and in turn learn from others about new places to go!




    Cape Ann: World Class diving northeast of Boston. Fabulous shore dives abound, but be careful where you park. Boat diving available from on many charter boats to a wide variety of shipwrecks, islands, and rock pinnacles. Cape Ann is the name for the region covering Gloucester and Rockport as well as neighboring towns. Click the link above, or here for shore dives and boat dives in the Cape Ann region.

    Buzzard's Bay: At the base of Cape Cod. Charters available to take you to the sites.

New Hampshire:

    Lake Winnepesaukee: Inland diving in the fresh waters of the lakes region. The lake has shipwrecks and rock formations. Dive charter services are available.

Rhode Island:

    Fort Wetherill: This site provides good diving for multiple skill levels. If the wind is blowing from the south, though, you might want to dive elsewhere.

    U-853: A German WW-II U-boat downed at the end of the war. This wreck is for advanced divers. It sits in 130 feet of water near Block Island.


    Lake Champlain: Chock full of wrecks dating from the Revolutionary War, the lake offers many diving opportunities. Multiple charter services and shops are available in the Burlington area.

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