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Shore Diving on Cape Ann is quite popular. From instructors taking students on check dives, to bug hunting and photography, the shore regions have a great deal to offer. This page lists some of the shore sites, with a short description. The names of the sites are links to more detailed information in cases where a more complete writeup exists.

If your favorite dive site isn't listed, or if there isn't yet a full page about a site, please contact the webmaster and offer to write it up! All submitted material is credited to the authors. Photographs taken at a particular dive site are certainly welcome additions to any of these pages.

Shore Dive sites:

    Back Beach / Front Beach: Back Beach is popular with instructors and students. It's a good dive for finding critters, underwater photography and bug hunting. Parking is usually not a problem at the metered spaces. Front Beach is just down the street, but has few parking spaces, making it a little more work. Restrooms are located at both beaches.

    Bass Rocks: This site is becoming less accessible from shore due to development. The entry is very rocky. Use caution. Underwater scenery is quite nice.

    Folly Cove: Probably the most dived location at Cape Ann. Folly offers a reasonably good entry (be careful at mid-tide), loads of wildlife, depths to 60 feet or more and excellent night diving.

    Niles Beach: Niles beach isn't one of the more popular dive sites. It's inside the protection of Gloucester Harbor's breakwater. It's a good place to dive when other sites are blown out. Even during a Noreaster, you can get in the water at Niles.

    Old Garden Beach: A favorite in Rockport is Old Garden Beach. This location is outstanding for finding critters including lobster, and is an easy dive. Many instructors bring classes to this site as well.

    Pebble Beach: While a shallow site, Pebble has some good wildlife and easy parking and entry. The exposure can lead to some surf, and there's often surge, but this is a safe place to become familiar with both.

    Stage Fort Park: Well inside Glouctester harbor, Stage Fort offers protection during most storms. That doesn't mean you'll get great vis., but you'll be able to get wet and have an enjoyable time. Parking is not a problem, and bathrooms and snack bar are available in season.

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