Trending T-Shirt Styles

Every Men Must Own:


A man’s most preferred clothing item during summers is a T-shirt. If you can style properly, then it can be worn with anything from your wardrobe to create a casual look. T-shirts were always on trend in past few decades since they are very comfortable to wear and people of all ages look good in these outfits.

Here are some of the types of t-shirts ever men should have in his wardrobe collection:

First one that is the most common type of t-shirt is a basic solid Tee. Initially, they used to be worn as undershirts which used to be issued to the sailors and soldiers in the U.S military. Gradually, farmers and all other kinds if laborers started wearing them. Later, people started wearing them without wearing any shirt on top of them. T

hese basic solid t-shirts look classic in white, grey and navy color. You can prefer a V-neckline or a crewneck. These can look perfect with a pair of denim or a pair of chinos. These t-shirts can be easily found in any market and in all kinds of brands like both international and local brands. These can be teamed up with a pair of jeans or even look good with track pants.


Graphic t-shirts are loved by a lot of men. These are basically printed t-shirts which usually come with some slogans or maybe the brand names printed on them. Graphic tees appear more casual and it can make you feel younger as well. You can wear such tees to some event or to the gym or to some trip. You can find great designs in graphic tees. In fact, if you have a particular print idea in your mind then you can get it materialized by placing an order with some custom t shirt printing company. Go for a classic print if you do not want to look like someone who freshly passed out from high school.

Pocket tees are great for someone who prefers solid tees without any print or pattern. A basic solid tee may look like an undershirt but a pocket tee does not look like that at all. You can always wear a pocket tee in some neutral classic color with a bomber jacket or a blazer. Even with some lightweight outerwear they look great.

A tip to wear these striped tees will be to pair them with some jeans or trousers and to add some polished look, wear a trench coat on top of it. If you want to add an athletic look to your dress up then team it up with a pair of sweatpants. They look great in all kinds of colors.

If you are someone who loves casual style then Henley can be the perfect choice for you. It adds a little more style to a tee in comparison to a simple V-neck or crewneck. These are a perfect work wear which can be very easily teamed up with some other work wear such as a utility jacket, a field jacket etc. You can pair a classic Henley with your favorite denims or a perfectly tailored pair of chinos. If it is a bit cold and you want to add a layer of warmth then go for a classic cardigan on top of it. Striped tees are very common but classic style. You can find these patterns in various ranges and it is up to you how you want to style these.

Polo t-shirts are one of the most versatile types of t-shirts. These can be worn for formal event, golf course, get-togethers, running errands or hanging out with your buddies. You can prefer these t-shirts if you have a lean body structure since they give an illusion as if you have a fuller upper body. Hooded t-shirts look very stylish and are perfect for anyone who loves to dress up in fashionable clothes. The best part about this type of t-shirt is that this can be worn throughout the year in all seasons as they can really protect you during cold breeze, hot climate or if it lightly drizzles. People of all ages can look very smart in a pair of such hooded t-shirts teamed up with a pair of denims.